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Our award winning technicians know your Volkswagen best



Maintain your Volkswagen at  an authorized Volkswagen Service facility.


Our award winning technicans are educated, committed to the Volkswagen brand, and great at doing what they do best; fixing German engineered vehicles.


Regardless if you have purchased your new or pre-owned Volkswagen from us at Town + Country Volkswagen or dealership, we are happy to perform a FREE 30-Point inspection and go over your vehicle's condition with you. We want you to make the most informed choices possible and keep you on the road longer.

Have a basic maintenace question? Ask our service experts anything.

Need to know when you're scheduled for maintenance? Check our handy, online maintenance search for your next recommended VW check up time.

Know what you need? Contact us with any repair request in seconds when you schedule an appointment online with our Town + Country VW team. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.




Volkswagen Service in Unionville | Town + Country


Our service customers can enjoy the following for FREE when they service their vehicles with us!


  New magazines and newspapers
 Comfortable seating area
 Hand-washed Carwash with every service
 Complimentary windshield washer top-up
 Shuttle service to your home or office
 Competitive prices (Please provide an estimate or proof)
  Volkswagen Certified Technicians (including 3 Master Technicians!)
 Award Winning Service Consultants (All of them won Volkswagen Canada's Elite Guild in 2013)
 Limited time labor warranty (Variable on the service, please inquire on which service specifically)




Volkswagen Technology | Laser Welding | BlueMotion | Hybrid VW

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Laser Welding


Seamless quality. When you purchase a new car, you want to feel safe in it. After all, you and your passengers deserve nothing less. That’s why we build our cars using laser welding technology. You may be wondering what that means? Allow us to explain: Laser welding uses ultra-thin beams of light to create bodywork seams with continuous seals. Unlike the “spot-welding” in some other cars, our laser welding creates precise, continuously welded seams, which are very strong and stable. Among other things, this solid construction translates into increased control and stability. It’s just one more example of our laser-sharp focus on keeping you safe.



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Confidence guaranteed. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we design our comprehensive warranty around you, the driver. Of course, because a car is a complex product made up of thousands of smaller parts, there’s always the small chance a problem could occur. Because of this, our warranty ensures that a defect is repaired without you having to pay any extra costs. The new car warranty lasts four years or 80,000 km, and the warranty against rust perforation as long as 12 years with unlimited mileage.




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Think Blue


Well worth the energy.  At Town + Country Volkswagen, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice fun to be responsible. That’s why we created the Think Blue initiative. It’s a philosophy for driving progress forward by making cars that are more efficient and eco-conscious, but still ridiculously fun to drive. It's also a commitment to educating people about better, fuel-efficient driving habits as well as leading sustainable projects to help improve our planet. In the end, though, it’s the “fun” part of the equation that is the difference between just being “green” and being “blue”. From our TDI Clean Diesel to our Turbocharged Hybrid, the Volkswagen line-up features a variety of BlueMotion Technologies designed to make our vehicles as blue as possible. Which is likely to make other car companies look green. With envy.



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BlueMotion Technologies


With this many options, it’s easy being blue. We understand what you’re looking for in a vehicle, and we’re committed to building you cars that are both energy efficient and fun to drive. Part of our Think Blue philosophy, BlueMotion includes all VW products, technologies, and innovations that make driving your car cleaner and more economical. This includes TDI and TSI engines, DSG, hybrid systems, regenerative braking, Stop-Start technology, low-resistance tires and aerodynamic kits.



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Hybrid Start-Stop Technology


Use only what you need. Thanks to an incredible innovation called start-stop technology, the Jetta Turbocharged Hybrid saves you fuel by shutting down the engine when it stops and by restarting it when it accelerates. When coasting, the engine shuts off completely and start-stop technology decides whether or not the electric motor is required. If more power is needed, the engine kicks right back in. It really is that simple.



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Regenerative Braking


Get a charge out of braking. If you really appreciate efficiency, you’re going to love the Jetta Turbocharged Hybrid. Thanks to a system we call “Regenerative Braking”, it saves energy while it’s stopping as well as while it’s moving. When you hit the brakes, the energy used to slow the vehicle down is converted to electricity to charge the battery. How’s that for efficient?



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1 of 10 Best Engines of 2014
The Volkswagen 1.8 TSI engine is one of Ward’s Autoworld Magazine’s 10 best engines of 2014. Published every year, the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list recognizes the best engines on the road, and the technology that makes them so great. This year, Ward’s chose the 1.8 TSI because of its innovative German engineering, enhanced performance and advanced fuel economy. Offering plenty of power in a compact, cost-effective and fuel-efficient engine, the 1.8 TSI checks all the boxes. And then some.




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Premium synthetic oil acts quickly to lubricate and protect the different parts of your engine, and it’s proven to last much longer than regular petroleum-based oil. So that means less impact on the environment. Plus, when the weather heats up this summer, regular oil can break down and fail. But premium synthetic oil protects your engine even during those summer scorchers. 


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